Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions is a legal contract between an individual user and Clean & Tidy regarding the use of this website and services.

We are a Quality Professional cleaning service that is fully insured. It is our policy that our cleaners do not smoke in your home or surrounding property.

Booking Services 

We advise that, prior to the cleaner’s arrival, you remove all items, clothing, toys, etc that may delay the efficient cleaning of the property.   

We are not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of items. Please inform us of any items in your home that require this type of attention. 

We advise you to provide specific cleaning products. Please pass cleaning instructions to our customer service team when placing the booking. 

Please note we are closed on all UK Bank Holidays. We will contact you when your regular cleaner is taking leave/holiday. We will provide another cleaner within this duration. Please note availability may vary. 

Customer services must be informed of any changes you make to your booking. Please do not tell the cleaner(s) directly. 


We ask that you give cleaners a 30min window to arrive at the property. On occasion due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. traffic accidents, the cleaner may be unable to arrive at your property on time. Within these circumstances our customer service team will call or email you, in order to inform you of their estimated time of arrival. 

The customer service team can only give a rough estimate of the duration of the cleaning service, which is based on a basic description of your property. The majority of properties will be completed within our recommended hours however this may vary due to the state and size of the property. Duration may vary; therefore, a degree of flexibility is required. 

Cleaners are not obligated to wait if you are running late to your booking. However, they may wait up to 10 minutes from the time in which the booking was meant to commence. Please note, this will reduce your overall booking duration. 

On Arrival

We ask that you ensure that your property is accessible to our cleaners. We will not be responsible for triggering any alarm systems. 

If you are not at your property when our cleaners arrive, please deactivate your security alarm prior to each scheduled visit, or provide us with a code. If keys are provided, they must open the lock without any special effort or skill. 

In the event that our cleaners are unable to access your property or if our cleaners are turned away when they arrive (for any reason), you will be charged the full price of the booking, for the service that would have been performed. 

Supplies and Equipment

You must provide a mop and bucket and vacuum cleaner within the property unless otherwise stated based on the type of service required. All cleaning equipment should be safe and in full working order. We do not provide cleaning supplies for Regular and One-Off Cleaning services. 

Price and Payments

We require full payment by 5pm, on the day of your scheduled booking. Prices are liable to change but two weeks notice shall be given. 

Cancellation by You

In the event that a scheduled cleaning service must be changed or cancelled, we ask that you notify us 2 working days in advance of your booking. If you cancel with less than 2 working days’ notice or if the cleaner arrives for the service and is unable to gain entry or start the service for any reason, you will be charged the full price of the booking. 

For permanent cancellation of any regular service carried out by us, we require that you notify us 5 working days in advance of your next booking. 

If you fail to inform us of these changes within the required period, we have the right to charge you the full payment for the service that would have been carried out. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the same cleaner/s will be available on the new day and at the time you may require. Any changes in the cleaning schedule are subject to availability.